Thursday, March 31, 2005

A sporting gambit by the chess players who say they are athletes

By Jonathan Brown

`When the American Bobby Fischer took on the Russian Boris Spassky in Reykjavik in 1972, their chess match was seen as a metaphor for the Cold War.
During their nail-biting battle, won by Fischer, the men were not just operating at the extreme limits of their mental abilities, it was also their physical endurance that was being tested.
According to the benchmark study carried out by Temple University in the United States, the players' heart-lung rates and blood pressure were comparable to those of competing boxers and footballers. Fischer himself declared: "I've got to stay in shape or it's all over."

Chess: 'It's as bad as a few rounds in a boxing ring'

By Jonathan Speelman

The International Chess Federation (Fide), has 155 member countries and is an associate member of the International Olympic Committee.
Chess has the status of a sport in many of the individual member countries. This may seem odd, but a game may last six or seven hours, during which the levels of stress on the body are considerable. Your heartbeat remains high throughout and the effect has been compared to several rounds of boxing. When I played my second World Championship Candidates match with Nigel Short in London in 1991 (he won), he lost more than half a stone in little more than a week.

Anand ensures victory in Amber Chess Tournament

Monaco, March 31 (PTI) Viswanathan Anand ensured his victory in the 14th Amber Chess Tournament with a round to spare here at Monte Carlo grand after drawing both the blindfold and rapid game against Russian Peter Svidler.
Taking his tally to an unassailable 14.5 points, Anand maintained his 3 points distance with Russian Alexander Morozevich and Hungarian Peter Leko with just one round or two games to come in this Euro 193,250 prize money tournament being played on a round-robin basis.
Anand also made sure of his unshared blindfold title after the draw with Svidler. As other results surfaced in this unique event that has one rapid and one blindfold game in each round, Anand was found to be 2 points ahead of his nearest rivals, Vassily Ivanchuk of Ukraine, Svidler and Leko, with just one game to go.

Championnat des échecs: la FIDE attend la réponse de Ho Chi Minh-Ville

Ho Chi Minh-Ville, 31 mars (AVI) - La Fédération internationale des échecs (FIDE) a fait savoir mercredi qu'elle souhaite obtenir dans le meilleur délai l'aval des responsables de la mégapole économique du Sud pour la tenue prévue en décembre prochain en ville du championnat mondial des échecs de 2005.
Deux vice-présidents de la FIDE, le Grec Georgios Markropoulos et le Singapourien Leong, et leur assistant Berik T.Balgabaev ont formulé cette demande lors d'une rencontre avec le vice-président du Comité populaire de Ho Chi Minh-Ville, Nguyên Thanh Tai.

III Copa América de Ajedrez 2005

(Lima) Los amantes del ajedrez tendrán la oportunidad de participar en la III Copa América, realizada por internet, desde el 4 de abril (fase clasificatoria). Este tipo de competencia, que gana cada día más adeptos, repartirá premios hasta de 4,500 euros.
La competencia constará de seis torneos suizos clasificatorios, que se realizarán los jueves 7, 14, 21 y 28 de abril, y 5 y 12 de mayo. Se podrá incluso, participar en todos ellos, pero si en uno el usuario se clasifica, ya no deberá participar en ninguno más, hasta la siguiente fase.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Chess Forum

Chad Lieberman

The ability to recognize tactics over the board distinguishes a great player from a good player. For this reason, chess players attempt to solve many puzzles printed in books and the newspapers.
Finding the best move or continuation in these diagrams can dramatically improve your over-the-board play. You will train yourself to recognize certain tactical situations and exploit them when you can.
Another reason why this training is beneficial is because every time you make a move in a chess game, you are solving a different puzzle. While it is important to know strategy and pursue a plan during the course of a game, considering each new position as a puzzle will permit you to consider more plausible plans in the position.

Anand sitting pretty with solid lead at Amber chess

Monaco, Mar 29 (PTI) Viswanathan Anand will have little to worry about when he takes on tail-ender Loek Van Wely of the Netherlands in the ninth round of the Amber Blindfold and Rapid chess tournament here later today.
Sitting pretty with a fantastic score of 12 points out of a possible 16 before the second and final rest day yesterday, Anand currently has a huge 2.5 points lead over nearest rival Vassily Ivanchuk of Ukraine and it looks very unlikely that anyone will catch up with the Indian ace in the rounds to come in this extraordinary tournament that has one blindfold and one rapid game in each round.
What is probably left for Anand to do here is better his previous score of 17 points (an Amber record so far) that he scored in his first victory here in 1994.

Chess-as-a-Learning-Tool Demonstration at the Indiana Association of Home Educators Convention

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) February 23, 2005 -- Atlanta-based Championship Chess will be a presenter at the annual Indiana Association of Home Educators Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, February 25 and 26, 2005. For more than 20 years, Championship Chess coaches have guided scholastic chess clubs that, consistently, have placed high in state championships.
Dennis A. Jones, a chess coach with Championship Chess and a former classroom teacher, will present “Chess: It’s More Than a Game” (Workshop 2, Room 211) and, for the second consecutive year, will demonstrate materials and methods of teaching chess at Booth #107. Children in attendance will also have an opportunity to play.
Both the materials and the methods were developed by Stephen A. Schneider, who is the director of Championship Chess and the author of The Scholastic Chess Series. The Series includes Chess Basics, Chess Openings I, Endgames Strategies I and a chess readiness activity book, Color My Chess World, that introduces pre-chess activities to very young children. Schneider, who has been teaching chess to children for more than 30 years, teaches chess incrementally, using chess strategies from day one. As student players advance, they are taught strategies that apply critical thinking skills like visualization, thinking ahead, thinking concretely and abstractly, weighing options, focusing and planning.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Bobby and me

Last week, the famously reclusive chess genius Bobby Fischer was released from detention in Japan and, clutching his new Icelandic passport, flew to Reykjavik, the scene of his greatest triumph. For Stephen Moss, a fan of Fischer's since he was a boy, the opportunity to track him down at last was too much to resist. But would the former champion stop ranting for long enough to give him an autograph?

Fischer afirma que el mundo del ajedrez es 'corrupto'

Europa Press

El ajedrecista Bobby Fischer se reunió con la prensa en Islandia, con su cabello y su barba pulcramente recortados, y en su primer día de libertad declaró que estaba harto del mundo ajedrecístico, al que consideró 'corrupto'.
Fischer se mostró feliz de estar en Islandia, que le otorgó la ciudadanía a fin de allanar el camino para que fuera liberado de su detención en Japón, donde había sido arrestado tras un pedido de extradición de Estados Unidos.
En una conferencia de prensa en su hotel, un combativo Fischer discutió con periodistas estadounidenses que le preguntaron acerca de sus opiniones anti-norteamericanas.
'Estados Unidos es el mal. Ellos hablan acerca del eje del mal. Y qué ocurre con los aliados del mal ... Estados Unidos, Inglaterra, Japón, Australia. Esos son los causantes del mal', dijo Fischer.
El agradeció a sus 'maravillosos amigos' en Islandia, pero dijo que el entusiasmo del país por el ajedrez es 'incorrecto, pues la gente ignora lo corrupto que es'. Además, 'lo ha sido durante muchos años'.
Tras declarar que está 'harto' del ajedrez, Fischer añadió: 'No juego al viejo ajedrez. Pero obviamente, si lo hiciera, sería el mejor'.

Oleg Korneev gana el Torneo Internacional de La Roda


EL CAMPEÓN. El ruso Korneev durante una partida en La Roda. / PILAR NAVARRO

Del miércoles día 23 hasta el domingo día 27, el Centro Cultural San Sebastián acogió una nueva edición de esta prestigiosa cita con el tablero que reúne a los grandes de dicha disciplina, tanto en el ámbito nacional como en el internacional. De hecho, este torneo viene celebrándose ininterrumpidamente desde el año 1974, bajo la organización de la sección de Ajedrez del Club Polideportivo La Roda.
En la presente edición, resultó ganador del Torneo el Gran Maestro Internacional ruso Oleg Korneev quien logró el primer puesto del XXXII Torneo Internacional de Ajedrez de La Roda al vencer en la última ronda, en una disputada partida, al argentino Horacio Saldaño.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Chess champ's latest move returns him to prior glories

By MATTHEW SCHOFIELD - The Star's foreign correspondent

REYKJAVIK, Iceland — Berg Agust didn't hesitate when he was asked about the biggest thing ever to happen in Iceland.
“The chess match,” he said. “After that, everyone knew who we were. Still today, people remember the chess. Is it any wonder why we're still so fond of Bobby Fischer?”

Vietnamese boy awarded chess Grand Master

Ha Noi, Mar. 28 (VNA) - The International Chess Federation (FIDE) officially recognised Vietnamese chess player Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son as a Grand Master on Mar. 24.
At 14 years and 10 months old, Son, with Elo 2520, is the second youngest international grandmaster in the world. The youngest was a French boy, Etienne Bacrot, who became one in March 1997 when he was just 14 years and two months old.

Anand crushes Leko, maintains lead

Viswanathan Anand struck back with vengeance against Hungarian Peter Leko and won the eighth round contest 1.5-0.5 in the 14th Amber Blindfold and Rapid chess tournament in Monaco.
After a wonderful start that fetched him as many as nine points from first 10 games, the Indian ace hit a temporary low against Russians Alexander Morozevich and Evgeny Bareev and could muster just 1.5 points in four games against them.

Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son reconnu grand maître international

Hanoi, 28 mars (AVI) - Le jeune joueur d'échecs du Vietnam, Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son (performance 2520 Elo), a été sacré grand maître international (Grand Master) par la Fédération Mondiale des Echecs (FIDE), dans son annonce du 24 mars.
L'an dernier, il était classé premier de la liste des dix meilleurs sportifs du Vietnam. Aujourd'hui, il est reconnu grand maître international d'échecs à l'âge de 14 ans et 10 mois, devenant ainsi le plus jeune maître du pays et le deuxième dans le monde.

"Quiero dedicarme al ajedrez"

(Foto Vicente Correale)


Aunque es el Maestro Internacional más joven que ha tenido Venezuela, Eduardo Iturrizaga aspira a más: quiere convertirse en el primer venezolano en alcanzar el título de Gran Maestro Internacional, el galardón más alto que concede la FIDE (Federación Internacional de Ajedrez).
Con sólo quince años, ya logró su primera norma de las tres que exige la FIDE para obtener el título de GMI, y espera obtener las otras dos antes de que concluya el año 2006. En el país sus resultados son excelentes y acaba de ganar un torneo abierto realizado en Cabimas con la presencia de noventa y siete jugadores, entre ellos seis Maestros Internacionales, logrando seis puntos y medio de siete posibles. Dice que quiere dedicarse profesionalmente al juego ciencia y llegar a lo más alto, aunque sabe que para lograrlo tendrá que hacer algo que no le gusta mucho: entrenar duramente.

EUA não desistem de Bobby Fischer

"Vamos continuar a obter uma solução nesse caso", afirma Adam Ereli, um porta-voz do Departamento de Estado. "Esperávamos que os tribunais japoneses tivessem encontrado uma saída que passasse pela expulsão para os Estados Unidos, lamentamos que isso não tenha acontecido, mas vamos continuar a pressionar", acrescenta.

Entretanto, à chegada ao seu novo país - a Islândia concedeu-lhe esta semana a nacionalidade -, na quinta-feira à noite, Fischer foi recebido por dezenas de pessoas, exibindo cartazes de apoio. Foi nos meios xadrezistas de Reiquejavique que se gerou o movimento de apoio ao ex-campeão do mundo que permitiu esta saída para uma situação diplomaticamente complicada. Os islandeses não esquecem a histórica final do Mundial de 1972, entre ele e Boris Spassky - a mais mediatizada de sempre, transformada numa espécie de confronto entre o Ocidente e o "Império Soviético" -, o evento que colocou Reiquejavique no mapa.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Media and well-wishers watch as the private jet carrying chess legend Bobby Fischer lands in Reykjavik, Iceland on Thursday March 24 2005, after he accepted an offer of citizenship from a country still grateful for its role as the site of his most famous match. Speaking during his trip, Fischer said that freedom felt 'great' after nine months' detention in Japan, where he had been held by authorities for trying to leave the country using an invalid U.S. passport. The volatile genius landed in a jet chartered by a television station in chess-mad Iceland, where Fischer won his world championship victory over Russian Boris Spassky in 1972.(AP Photo/ Thorvaldur Orn Kristmundsson)

Now free, Fischer holds nothing back

En route to a new life in Iceland, the chess star has some choice words for Bush, Koizumi

Associated Press

Associated Press
Bobby Fischer disembarks from a private jet in Reykjavik, Iceland.

ABOARD SAS FLIGHT SK984 - Sitting in the first-class cabin whisking him away from a nine-month-long detention in Japan, chess icon Bobby Fischer on Thursday launched a rambling diatribe against the United States, calling it "an illegitimate country" that should be given back to the American Indians.
The reclusive Fischer — who is taking up residence in Iceland to avoid arrest in the United States — also unleashed his anger at Israel and likened President Bush to a comic-book character.
Fischer said he was "kidnapped" in Japan, and that Bush and Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi were in cahoots trying to deprive him of freedom and return him to the United States, where he is wanted on criminal charges.

El legendario gran maestro del ajedrez Bobby Fischer llega a Reykjavik


El legendario maestro del ajedrez, el estadounidense Bobby Fischer llegó el jueves en la noche a Islandia, cuyas autoridades le concedieron la nacionalidad para permitirle evadir una orden de arresto de Estados Unidos, constató la AFP en Reykjavik.
Después de haber permanecido ocho meses detenido en Japón, donde corría el riesgo de ser extraditado a Estados Unidos, la leyenda viva del ajedrez, de 62 años, llegó a las 23h15 locales (23H15 GMT) a Islandia, después de un largo viaje desde Tokio, con una escala en Copenhague, en un vuelo de la compañía escandinava SAS.
Tras su parada en Dinamarca, Bobby Fischer se embarcó en un avión privado fletado por la televisión islandesa Channel 2.
Debido a una densa neblina, el avión tuvo que ser desviado a Suecia antes de volver hacia Islandia dónde aterrizó sobre el pequeño aeropuerto urbano de Reykjavik.



Estén tranquilos los amantes del ajedrez. Que no deduzcan del enunciado de estas palabras que los defensas del Sevilla se van a dedicar al milenario juego, aunque seguro que la defensa siciliana no se les iba a dar mal del todo. No, la jugada es otra. Durante años, las autoridades norteamericanas intentaron darle jaque, incluso mate, según algunos aficionados y unos cuantos amigos de las teorías de la conspiración. Vio tantos escaques que acabó, pues eso, escaqueado, y pasó veinte años fuera de los tableros de este mundo, quizá contando los granos de arroz de aquella vieja historia que relata la inteligencia del inventor del ajedrez, supuestamente un sacerdote hindú llamado Sessa, que pidió como regalo a su mecenas por crear el juego un grano de trigo por la primera casilla del tablero, dos por la segunda, cuatro por la tercera, y así sucesivamente hasta el infinito, y que si quieres arroz, Catalina.

Ajedrez.- Bobby Fischer asegura que Bush "no respeta la ley" y que Estados Unidos es "un país ilegítimo"


El ex campeón del mundo y gran maestro de ajedrez Bobby Fischer, que abandonó hoy la cárcel de Tokio y viajó a Islandia, país que le ha concedido la nacionalidad, después de más de ocho meses preso en Japón, aseguró que el presidente de los Estados Unidos, George Bush, "no respeta la ley".
Fischer, reclamado por la justicia de Estados Unidos, afirmó, en una entrevista a Associated Press durante el vuelo que le llevaba a Copenhagen para luego ser trasladado a Islandia, que el país norteamericano es "ilegítimo, al igual que Israel, donde los judios no tienen derechos", dijo el ajedrezista, cuya madre era judía.
Fischer, en su habitual discurso en contra de Estados Unidos, aseguró que actualmente es "una vergüenza ser llamado americano porque todo el mundo que vive allí es un invasor". "Yo crecí con el concepto de libertad de expresión. Ahora soy demasiado mayor y es demasiado tarde para acostumbrarme al nuevo mundo, al nuevo orden mundial", dijo.

Ex-campeão mundial de xadrez Bobby Fischer chega a Reykjavik

Após permanecer oito meses preso no Japão, a lenda viva do xadrez chegou às 23h15 local (20H15 Brasília) à Islândia, em um longo vôo que partiu de Tóquio e fez escala em Copenhague, onde Fischer pegou um avião fretado pela TV islandesa que pousou finalmente em Reykjavik.

Bobby Fischer libertado após oito meses de prisão

Marco Vaza

"Bush é um criminoso", declarou o antigo campeão de xadrez antes de abandonar Tóquio rumo a Reiquejavique

O antigo campeão mundial de xadrez Bobby Fischer foi ontem libertado após oito meses de cativeiro no Japão e partiu para Reiquejavique, na Islândia, país que lhe concedeu a cidadania para evitar a extradição do norte-americano para os EUA. Fischer, 62 anos, estava detido desde 12 de Julho de 2004, depois de ter tentado abandonar o Japão com um passaporte inválido; os Estados Unidos emitiram um mandado para a sua captura em 1992.
Já na posse do seu novo passaporte islandês e antes de embarcar num avião da Scandinavian para Reiquejavique com escala em Copenhaga, Fischer teceu duras críticas aos governos japonês e americano. "Isto não foi uma prisão. Foi um rapto cozinhado por Bush e Koizumi", afirmou o xadrezista, referindo-se ao Presidente dos EUA e ao primeiro-ministro do Japão como "criminosos de guerra que deviam ser enforcados".

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Former chess champion Bobby Fischer (R) waves to the press up on his departure from New Tokyo International Airport in Narita. Fischer, the high school dropout who may be the greatest chess player of all time, ended eight months behind bars to go to Iceland in a new twist to a life that has gone downhill ever since his moment of glory at age 29(AFP/Kazuhiro Nogi)

Amber Chess: Anand looking to continue his dream run

On a high after a rocking start, which fetched him as many as 7.5 points from the possible eight, Viswanathan Anand would now look to continue his fine run after the first rest day in the Amber Blindfold and Rapid Chess tournament here.
The Indian ace, who has a comfortable two points lead over his nearest rivals, would taken on Vassily Ivachuk of Ukraine in the fifth round and given his form in the tournament so far Anand would surely be looking at claiming full points from the encounter.

Bobby Fischer Freed From Japanese Cell

Associated Press Writer

NARITA, Japan (AP) -- Sporting a long beard, chess legend Bobby Fischer walked free from a Japanese detention center Thursday and immediately headed to the airport to fly to his new home - Iceland - following a nine-month standoff with Tokyo officials trying to deport him to the United States.
Before leaving, however, the eccentric genius offered a few parting shots to the leaders of Japan and the United States, whom he accused of "kidnapping."
"I won't be free until I get out of Japan," he told a crowd of reporters at the airport here before boarding his flight to Copenhagen en route to Reykjavic. "This was not an arrest. It was a kidnapping cooked up by Bush and Koizumi," he said, referring to President Bush and Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi.
"They are war criminals and should be hung," he said.

Sergey Karjakin, la nouvelle terreur des échecs

Sergey Karjakin, plus jeune grand maître de l’histoire avec ses 12 ans, découvrira pour la première fois le Festival de Bienne.


L'ancien champion du monde d'échecs Bobby Fischer en route pour l'Islande

Après avoir été détenu pendant huis mois au Japon et menacé d'extradition vers les Etats-Unis, le grand maître américain très controversé, âgé de 62 ans, était attendu en fin de journée dans la capitale islandaise, par un vol de la compagnie scandinave SAS en provenance de Tokyo.
Coiffé d'une casquette de baseball et portant une longue barbe d'ermite poivre et sel, le génie des échecs a traité le président américain Georges W Bush de "criminel" et a critiqué le Japon avant de prendre son avion à l'aéroport de Tokyo-Narita.
Sans craindre d'irriter Washington, les autorités de Reykjavik, par un vote du parlement, avaient accordé lundi la nationalité islandaise au champion, pour ôter toute raison au Japon de l'extrader vers son pays d'origine.

El ajedrecista Bobby Fischer es liberado tras permancer nueve meses preso en Japón


El ajedrecista ha pasado casi nueves meses en prisión. / Reuters

El legendario ajedrecista Bobby Fischer fue liberado hoy después de casi nueve meses en una cárcel japonesa y se trasladó al aeropuerto para volar a su nueva patria, Islandia.
Fischer, con barba y gorra de béisbol que le cubría parte de la cara, salió en libertad del centro de detención en las afueras de Tokio a primera hora de hoy jueves.
El ajedrecista estaba acompañado por su novia, Mikoyo Watai, el presidente de la asociación de ajedrez japonesa y miembros de la Embajada de Islandia. Fischer debía tomar un vuelo a Dinamarca para coger allí otro aparato hasta Islandia, país que le otorgó la ciudadanía.

Japão liberta ex-campeão mundial de xadrez Bobby Fischer

TÓQUIO, 24 Mar (AFP) - O americano Bobby Fischer, ex-campeão do mundo de xadrez, foi solto nesta quinta-feira de manhã, após ficar oito meses detido no Japão, e viajou para a Islândia, país que lhe concedeu a cidadania, constatou a AFP.

Fischer, usando um boné de beisebol, não deu qualquer declaração à imprensa ao sair do centro de detenção de Ushiku, 50 km a nordeste de Tóquio.
Bobby Fischer, de 62 anos, seguiu para o Aeroporto Internacional de Tóquio-Narita em um automóvel cedido pela embaixada da Islândia, acompanhado por sua namorada, Miyoko Watai, presidente da Federação Japonesa de Xadrez.
Por volta do meio-dia, Fischer partiu de avião para Reykjavik, capital da Islândia.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Former world chess champion Bobby Fischer's Japanese lawyer Masako Suzuki speaks to reporters at a news conference in Tokyo March 22, 2005. Iceland's parliament granted Fischer citizenship on Monday, opening the door for the fugitive American to settle in the tiny North Atlantic republic where he won the world title in 1972. REUTERS/Toru Hanai

Final Rating Changes for 1st April 2005

Download the final Expected Rating Changes for April. This is in effect the tentative 1st April 2005 FIDE Rating List for players who had rated games for this period. Download as well the tentative list of newly rated players and the list of events rated for the 1st April rating list.(...)

Son held for chess master's murder

Roger Boyes, Berlin

A MILD-MANNERED British chess grand master has been stabbed to death in his kitchen in Sweden.
Police said the attack on Simon Webb, 55, was carried out by his disturbed adult son, who took the family car straight after the stabbing and rammed it at high speed against a bus shelter.
"We were playing together in the finals of the Swedish Chess League in Malmo," leading Swedish player Per Foederberg said. "Simon said goodbye and travelled by train to Stockholm. He must have arrived home at about 1am, and then had an argument with his son."
Police said the 25-year-old son, a convicted drug dealer, pushed his father then reached for a kitchen knife and dug it into Webb's stomach. The brawl was watched by Webb's wife who, as soon as the son stormed out of the house, called police and tried to stem the bleeding.

Kramnik no match for Anand

Viswanathan Anand has proved who rules the chess world in absence of Russian Garry Kasparov.
He registered a clinical victory against Vladimir Kramnik in the fourth round of the Amber Blindfold and Rapid Chess tournament here.
Anand with an inimitable 7/7 score maintained his all-win record in the tournament and appeared unstoppable in his quest for his fourth Amber chess title here.
The victory also helped Anand stretch his lead to a phenomenal 2.5 points against his nearest rivals -- Hungarian Peter Leko, Russian Alexander Morozevich and Ukrainian Vassily Ivanchuk.

U.S. demands Japan hand over chess legend Fischer

WASHINGTON — The United States demanded Tuesday that Japan hand over Bobby Fischer despite Iceland's move to accept the chess legend currently detained by Japanese immigration authorities since last July.
"That's what we've asked for," Adam Ereli, deputy spokesman for the U.S. State Department, told reporters, when asked if the United States wants Japan to hand him over to the United States.
Ereli expressed "disappointment" about the Icelandic parliament's decision Monday to grant citizenship to Fischer, 62.
"It's an arrangement that we're disappointed by. Mr Fischer is a fugitive from justice. There is a federal warrant for his arrest. He's being detained in Japan, awaiting deportation and that's the step that we're looking forward to," he said.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Anand wins six out of six in amazing run

Sports News, Monaco, Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand continued his amazing run as he completed his third successive 2-0 sweep in the 14th Amber Blindfold and Rapid Chess Tournament here.
The Indian beat Francisco Vallejo Pons of Spain in both the blindfold and rapid games and took his tally to three points each in both sections. He now heads the standings with six points, two clear of his nearest rival.

Iceland may be haven to ex-chess champ Fischer

Europe News, TOKYO, Japan will consider sending former world chess champion Bobby Fischer to Iceland once it confirms that he has been granted citizenship there, Japanese Justice Minister Chieko Nohno has said.
Iceland's parliament granted Fischer citizenship on Monday, opening the door for the fugitive American to settle in the tiny North Atlantic republic where he won the world title in 1972.

British chess player 'killed by son'

A leading British chess player has been stabbed to death by his son at his home in Sweden.
Simon Webb, 55, was stabbed at least 20 times by the 25-year-old late at night after he returned from a tournament in Malmo on March 13.
Mr Webb's wife, the mother of the assailant, walked in on the pair to see her husband lying on the floor.
The son, who has not been named, then took the couple's car and drove it at high speed into a bus shelter in what police believe was an attempted suicide.

Bobby Fischer obtient la nationalité islandaise

Bobby Fischer peu avant un match contre Boris Spassky à Sveti Stefan en 1992 (Sipa)

Le Parlement islandais s'est prononcé en faveur de l'octroi de la citoyenneté à l'Américain, ancien champion du monde d'échecs en délicatesse avec les autorités de son pays.
L e Parlement islandais s'est prononcé lundi 21 mars en faveur de l'octroi de la citoyenneté à l'Américain Bobby Fischer, ancien champion du monde d'échecs en délicatesse avec les autorités de son pays.
La motion a été adoptée par 40 voix pour et seulement deux contre, obtenant immédiatement force de loi.
"Je suis très heureux de cette décision. Je pense que la dignité du Parlement en sort grandie", a commenté Saemundur Palsson, l'un des partisans de Fischer en Islande.

Ajedrez: gobierno japonés permitiría que Bobby Fischer parta a Islandia

El ministerio de Justicia nipón indicó que podría permitir la salida de Japón con destino a Islandia del ex campeón del mundo de ajedrez Bobby Fischer, a quien las autoridades de Reikiavik concedieron la ciudadanía de ese país nórdico.
"Si tiene la nacionalidad (islandesa), entiendo que es legalmente posible para él abandonar Japón, y en caso de que pueda darse tal situación, creo que las autoridades de migración considerarán el asunto de la manera apropiada", dijo la ministra de Justicia nipona, Chieko Nono.

Japão pode deixar Bobby Fischer seguir para a Islândia

TÓQUIO, 22 mar (AFP) - O governo do Japão informou que pode permitir que o ex-campeão mundial de xadrez Bobby Fischer, detido em Tóquio e ameaçado de extradição para os Estados Unidos, viaje para a Islândia depois de ter obtido a nacionalidade islandesa.