Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Computer chess game unbeatable in 10 years


CHESS computers will be almost unbeatable in ten years' time and may bring about radical new rules for the ancient game, the world champion, Veselin Topalov, predicts.
"At the present moment I don't fear humans. Computers I think are very strong," the Bulgarian grandmaster said in an interview.
"Probably they will be better than 99.9 per cent of human beings" in a decade from now, he said.
Mr Topalov, 30, also raised the possibility that today's version of chess could give way to "Fischer Random Chess" - invented by the eccentric former champion Bobby Fischer - which sets back-row pieces randomly to narrow the importance of rehearsed openings.


At 7:35 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Atualy there is an unbeatable ches computer named deep blue made by IBM. It beat the world chess champion.


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