Thursday, March 23, 2006

Champion is out to move girls into chess

BY MIKE THOMAS Staff Reporter

The game of chess is more than just a game, they say. It's life, and life-improving. It's critical thinking, socialization, focus, sportsmanship, discipline and grace under pressure.
It's also mostly male -- which is why millionaire chess superstar Garry Kasparov, the Michael Jordan of his realm, was in town last week to promote chess for girls. If they're hooked young, goes the reasoning, at least some of them will be hooked for good.
"I think there will be more and more women playing competitively," the retired world champion (who stopped playing competitively in 2005) says at the third annual All-Girls Open National Championships, a chess event co-sponsored by his two-year-old Kasparov Chess Foundation. "But there's still a gap. And this gap will not disappear overnight."


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